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making science work for climate adaptation

On 8 November, the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP) launched a Science for Adaptation Policy Brief on Early Warning Systems for Adaptation (EWSA).

WASP is an initiative led by seven UN agencies, including UNEP. The UNEP Science Division hosts the WASP Secretariat and is a founder of the programme, which was established at COP24 in 2018.

The EWSA brief surveys the latest knowledge to improve climate risk management and adaptation, and highlights knowledge gaps and needs. Download the brief here.

The launch event was chaired by Cynthia Rosenzweig (NASA, Columbia University and WASP Co-Chair), while the brief itself was introduced by author Benjamin Sultan (IRD), and commented on by Ian Lisk, President of the WMO Commission for Weather, Climate, Water and Environmental Services.

A lively Q&A session included questions and comments by Amir Delju (WMO), Maxx Dilley (WMO), and Abdalah Mokksit (IPCC).

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