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Adaptation Futures Conferences


The conference series intends to address the goals of WASP as well as the wider requirements of the global adaptation science and practice communities. The conferences are an opportunity for large projects and networks to showcase their activities, results, outputs, and outcomes.  They seek to facilitate the communication of the best available science, good practices, and lessons learned. They are an opportunity for key stakeholders, large projects and networks, as well as policymakers at the local, regional, and global level, businesses, and practitioners to meet, exchange ideas, and seek collaboration and partnerships.

  • Create a platform for sharing the best available science, new knowledge, and good practices
  • Develop a conference report within a year of the conference, with support from WASP members
  • Bring the research and practice adaptation communities together, with an emphasis on providing opportunities and strengthening capacity among early career participants
  • Ensure that sufficient sponsorship is identified to provide travel scholarships for participants from developing countries who are at an early stage in their careers, and
  • Provide an opportunity for WASP to promote its activities to the wider community.
History of Adaptation Futures conferences

Biennial Adaptation Futures conferences have been co-organized and co-hosted by the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP) since 2010.

The seventh  Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation will be organized by Ouranos, in partnership with the Governement of Canada and WASP. The conference will take place on October 2-6, 2023 in Montreal. More information here.

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